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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


mom is the precious person i've ever had..i just can't imagine how was my life without her..how i'm gonna survive without her..

who will :
-teach me how to cook?
-nagging me?
-asking me to massage her feet?
-accompany me to d hospital?
-advising me in particulars matter?
-look after me?
-wake me up in the morning?
-always calling me before n after my class?

how empty my life without you mom..even though i always keep your heart hurts..but i do love you very much mom..i keep thinking of you all the time when i'm doing something..i love you with all my heart..i feel so guilty when i'm doing something wrong..but in d same time i'm sooo ego and do not seek for forgiveness from you..i'm sorry mom coz i've hurt you a lot..but you will always forgive me 4 all my wrong doing..i know you have cried a lot bcoz of me..i'm sorry mom..
sorry 4 everything mom..

my promise :

i'm gonna
-feed you when you r getting older
-look after you n dad all the time
-do anything just 4 u mom

i love you with all my heart mom n dad...

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