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Thursday, December 2, 2010

tag by haffiz

Name :  Nurul Husniyah
Brother(s) :  1
Eye colour :  Black
Shoe size :  6 or 7
Hair :  Black
Piercings :  once..kat telinga..masa drjh brpe ntah
Height :  156cm
What are you wearing right now :  a shirt n a pair of jeans
Where do you live :  Cheras , Kuala Lumpur
Favourite number :  8
Favourite drink :  Carrot Susu
Favourite month :  January
Favourite breakfast :  Nasi Goreng

-Have you ever-
Broken a bone :  haven't
Been in a police car :  yesss..my dad is a policeman
Fallen for a friend :  once
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time :  always
Swam in the ocean :  yup..2 pown mse kecik..sungai selalu
Fallen asleep in school :  WAJIB
Broken someone's heart :  erkk..pernah kot! =='
Cried when someone died :  happen all d time
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call :  every night
Saved e-mails :  yes
Been cheated on :  always

Your room look like :  a bed with 2 cupboards n a book shelf
What is right beside you :  a handphone
What is the last thing you ate :  nasi lemak

-Ever Had-
Chicken pox :  not yet
Sore throat :  always
Stitches :   yup..panjang jugak dlm 5cm
Broken nose :  haven't

-Do You-
Believe in love at first sight : absolutely
Like picnics? :  much

Who did you last yell at? :  Peanut Butter
Who was the last person you danced with? :  Nur Adriana Batrisya
Who last made you smile? :  Peanut Butter

-Final Questions-
What are you listening to right now? :  The Time ( dirty bit ) - Black Eyed Peas
What did you do today? :  facebook-ing
Are you the oldest? :  i'm d second
Indoors or outdoors? :  both

-Today did you-
Talk to someone you like? :  yes n everyday
Kiss anyone? :  yup..Batrisya
Sing? :  yup..just now
Talk to an ex? :  haven't since 6 months ago
Miss someone ? :  always.. *miss u like crazy Peanut Butter n Wan
Eat? :  routine

-Last person who-
You talked to on the phone? :  Diana Camelia
Made you cry? :  Peanut Butter..yesterday
Went to the movies with? :  Peanut Butter - Unstoppable
You went to the mall with? :  Peanut Butter , Nurul Muhaiminah n Abdul Muhaimin
Who cheered you up? :  Family , FBians , n Peanut Butter

-Have you-
Been to Mexico? : haven't
Been to USA? :  haven't

Have a crush on someone? :  long ago right now i'm in love with sum1
What books are you reading right now? :  Coke n Sundae
Best feeling in the world :  i've got Sony Ericsson W995
Future kids name? :  DANI----
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? :  i haven't got one
What's under your bed? :  other bed
Favourite sport(s) :  Badminton
Favourite place :  Australia
Who do you really hate? :  someone who hates me
Do you have a job? :  DPIM student
What time is it now? :  2.27 p.m

Attention those 15 people who need to answer this question!!
err sper yg rse nk wat..wat jer laa yer..

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