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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

perfect nightmare

Sometimes we fight 

Sometimes I cry 
Why don't I 
Just tell him goodbye 
Sometimes I should 
But sometimes I don't 
Build up the strength to 
Say that it's wrong 

Sometimes I hate 
Sometimes I love 
Sometimes I hurt 
Sometimes I don't 
Sometimes I wait 
For him to change 
But it's okay 
I've disguised the pain 

And I don't ever wanna leave him alone 
They say i'm brainwashed but i'm in love 
With this man 

Keep telling myself that it's not worth it 
I already know I don't deserve it 
But if it's from you I don't mind hurting 
This is my perfect nightmare 

Sometimes I keep my cool 
Sometimes I let him know 

Sometimes I even pack my bags to walk out the door 
Sometimes I feel safe 
Sometimes I really don't 
Sometimes I promise that i'm ready to let him go 

Hoping he's changing 

But i'm scared he's not 

i'm not leaving u sayang  ;

bcoz i love u..i just can't let u go away from my life..u never apart from my heart laa sayang..just put some trust on me..i will take a good care of myself..i will take a good care of our relationship sayang..i wouldn't forget about my status..what am i supposed to do without you by my side..i just can't imagine what my life would be when there is no you calling me all d night..texting me all the time..persuade me when i am hurt..but i just want u to make me feel like i'm d only girl in the world ( credit to Rihanna ) just please sayang treat me nicely..please don't hurt me anymore..i'm truly deeply madly in love with you..ONLY WITH YOU..if u can read dis..

i forgive you for all of ur wrong doing..but please sayang..please don't make it happened twice..i'm hurting u know..it  is not wrong to be jealous..it shows that u love me..but please control it sayang..pleasee..pleasee n pleasee..

i'm not n will not leaving u..

xoxo sayang..
i love u now..tomorrow..day after tomorrow.. n forever sayang..


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