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Sunday, March 6, 2011


thanks 4 d day sayang..
today is the most awesome and amazing day i've ever had..
bangun kul 7 tu berbaloi sangat
hari nie kita banyak ketawa..b'gurau.
owh n thanx 4 dat blouse..
cantik sangattttt~
i like it..
next time buy me a purse erk?? hehe * jokes
owh and..
skjap sgt mse b'lalu..smpi JJ kul 9 blek kul 5.30
tpi rse mcm skjap sangattt
u make my day
thx 4 being such a nice n sweet guy
thx 4 everytink
i donno how to describe bout this day
as i know
it is amazing day i've ever had

having u is such a beautiful thing i've ever had in my entire life

p/s : dh tgok I AM NUMBER FOUR

best sangat..sangat..sangat

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