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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


it has been ages since i haven't update my blog
toooo many stroy i want to share with all of u
but not now maybe
maybe some other time

yerlaa sejak mak stalk blog
rse mcm x nk tulis dh
*no offense mak

alaa tpi sejak2 mak tahu pasal AKU & DIA ( Mohd Firdaus b Mohd Ali )
rse mcm dh x awkward nk cter ngan mak per2 jer
rse mcm thanks mak
it's not like angah gatal or what so ever
ya laa mak
i think u can understand what i'm trying to say

but mak i promise mak

= this relationship / this feeling x kan ganggu pelajaran *insya Allah mak
since angah ngan dier dh 'berkawan' setahun lbeyh dh pn
alhamdulillah x t'jejas lagi pljrn angah so far

= x kan malukn mak
i know where i come from mak


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