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Sunday, April 17, 2011

love is in the air

God knows how i felt when i am facing with his family
nervous..yeah~ but his mother damn nice
owh yaa..
also thanks to my parents
i dunno such dat easy
thank goodness he is type of who can blend so easily

pandai awk kn ckp dgn org tua
x nmpk gugup..
byk gler awk ckp dgn parents sye
awk ringan mulut
lancar jer sume yg awk ckp
everything seems to be soooo perfect taw tdi

sye tahu first2 awk nk jmpe ngan ayah sye awk gugup kan?
awk tkot
but ayah sye nice kn?
lega x awk?
lega kan?

saya pn lega sgt wakk
if ayah baca nie
i'm damn serious with him
i never felt such dis feeling laa ayah
dunno laaa..

but ayah dun worry laa..
my education is my priority ;)

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