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Sunday, August 7, 2011

What's my best quality?

i wonder what is my best quality?
i found a web which you have to answer a few question.. it's more to quizzes laa okeyh n i found one..whoch shows my quality 

and the result is :

i am a type of person which is 


" you are always keen to try anything new " - the fact is yup sorta..tpi thats "anything new" tu must be interesting laa..Kalau x haram jadah laa nak try.

" love to be with your friends and have a good time " - hell yeah~ i love to be with my friends.You can do whatever do you want.This doesn't mean that i did not have a good time with my love one..Dier punya feeling lain laa tapi..Bukan semua benda kita boleh buat dengan love one..But almost everything kita boleh buat dengan kawan..Almost everything tu of course with your friends yang sama gender laa kan..

Yang nie jer result dier..i'll update bnda lain or result quiz lain later 


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